The Invidia Experience

At Invidia Voices we provide you with everything to make your singing sessions with us into a glorious melody.

  • Why Invidia Voices? We are one of the fastest growing Rock and Soul singing groups around, and definitely one of the most fun too. Find out the reasons behind our success here.
  • Try a Free Taster – To help get you singing with us, then why not come along for two sessions? No obligation and no charge.
  • Vocal Range Finder – Invidia Voices sings in 6 part harmony, why not try our fun and easy vocal range test to help you choose which choir section is right for you.
  • What Can You Expect? From how much it costs, to what you will get for your money, this page will explain it all.
  • Perform with Invidia – After a complete term’s practice, you’re ready to show off your skills to the rest of the world. From festival performances through to flashmobs, this is your moment to shine.
  • The Invidia Initiative – At Invidia Voices our influence reaches beyond the rehearsal room and stage… Every Christmas we wrap up something special for those that need it most.
  • The Invidia Ethos and Code of Conduct – Invidia Voices was created to provide a safe and supportive place for people to enjoy singing and our Ethos and Code of Conduct are in place to facilitate this.