Perform with Invidia

Your moment to shine

You’ve been to all the rehearsal groups. You know the words of the chosen song off by heart and you’re even singing it in the shower and around the house. Practice has truly made you perfect and you want to show off your new talent to the whole world – that’s when you’re ready for one of the Invidia Voices performances.

Everyone is welcome from our sessions to come together as one for our performances; it’s always a big group. With so much hard work going into each session, this is the time to let your hair down and simply have fun. Go out there, get ready to enjoy yourself and allow the music to do the rest.

Invidia Voices has performed at many different events including the Norwich Beer Festival, the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, charity balls, rotary club meet-ups and private functions. We’ve even put on a number of flash-mob singing events, much to the surprise and delight of our audience.

To take the first step towards performing with Invidia Voices, simply sign up for one of our Free Taster sessions, and have two rehearsals completely on us.