Hear it from Our Members

At Invidia Voices we’re proud of our successes. We’ve helped many people grow as singers and some of our key soloists have even managed to go on and become full-time professional singers. Saying this, our members get many different things from the choir, ranging from friendship, confidence and even the thrill of performance. Don’t take our word for it however, see for yourself what they have to say:

“Invidia Voices never stop boosting my mood. I had very low energy levels, but singing meant I ended my day on a high” – Julie Cann

“Another great recording session with my Invidia Voices family. Singing with you guys is the highlight of my week, thank you for helping me find my confidence and my voice” – Victoria Wisdom

“A year ago I enquired with Alex about joining the Invidia Voices choir. Little did I know how life changing it would be. What it has done for my self-esteem is immeasurable. So much fun, too many highlights and wonderful people” – Claire Perry

“Invidia Voices Choir is awesome. Singing, family, friendship, laughter, love and support… And so amazingly uplifting” – Jayne Leeds

“Invidia Voices, the choir to join if you want to be around music, fun, singing and great people. It’s a fantastic way to let go of all your stress at the end of the day. You always finish the evening with a smile on your face and a few more friends” – Teresa Gibson

“Matt Emmerson took us on a journey tonight. We went Higher and Higher and Ruled the World at the end” – Paul Rowe

“What a fantastic night. Still on a high. Thank you Matt for making us all sound so good” – Kath Mason

“I was very anxious at first, but once I managed to get into it was such a good feeling being part of a flash mob. Thank you so much for letting me become part of your fantastic choir. I am still buzzing and can’t wait for the next one” – Karin Gibbons

“It was so lovely to sing with the choir tonight. I was nervous, but soon felt at ease. Now feeling very warm and fuzzy – and I want to sing more” – Marie Clampin

“One of the reasons we managed to get to grips with Living on a Prayer so quickly is because so many people were looking forward to singing this track. We all did loads of homework and Matt shouldn’t be surprised at how much we all knew, as we’re an amazing bunch of people” – Robert Sistern.

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